Cause Roast

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TASTING NOTES: Papaya, Mandarin Orange, Honeysuckle
ORIGIN: Igamba AA 
PROCESS: Fully Washed Coffee
SIZE: 12oz / 340grams


This coffee is complex and full of subtly, like a journey that takes sudden and unexpected turns, but in the best way. A treat for that patient sipper, willing to let the coffee drift from optimal temperature zone and all the way down to room temperature for the last sip. Initially, you will taste notes of strong tropical fruit like a Papaya, followed by a sweet acidity that begins to develop reminiscent of mandarin oranges. To finish, look for a blooming floral sweetness much like that of fresh honeysuckle. Each sip of this coffee will take you on a new flavor experience, making it a truly rewarding cup of coffee.

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