Our Mission


This is where it all starts and ends. The coffee world can be quite large and often very segregated but it is comprised of individuals. Individuals with lives, families, and stories of their own; but who are in many ways interdependent on one another. We care deeply, which is why we desire to be agents of change and inspiration for others.  Furthermore, it is why we strive to cultivate rich community between farmers, roasters, and consumers.



Drinking coffee in many ways is a statement. It says something about how we think as consumers and our perspective as a citizenry. It says something about how we should treat coffee farmers, forests, water, entire ecosystems, or even other people and so forth. We aim to embody the best environmental practices possible, to ensure our future generations can enjoy all the natural beauty and resources we enjoy today. Our mission is to make sure that together, we are making the right statement and growing towards a sustainable future.


There is one basic human need that, when met, sparks prosperity and productivity faster than any other single fix: access to clean, safe water. Clean water can prevent unnecessary deaths, save time, and improve health. It enables people to be energetic members of society and escape the cycle of poverty. Water is essential for all growth in the world; and even for brewing coffee. Sadly it is something that many of those in coffee growing regions go without. We at Cause Roast want to change that. That's why we help provide clean water with every purchase.


We love good work, well done. Exceptional workmanship is a rarity. Our world needs more people with fire in their gut, a passion for working with excellence, and the fortitude to be a part of something bigger than any one person. Whether it is digging and installing wells, roasting coffee, pulling espresso, preparing a family meal, or painting a picture. Work is essential to being human, and we love working with others who are serious about their work.



Humans were made for community. We need each other. At Cause Roast, we don’t want to do our work in a vacuum. Which is why we partner with some of the best roasters, most sustainable causes, and the highest quality brands in the world. It is their vision, commitment, and hard work that spurs us to do what we do best. So, we celebrate our partners around the world who share our vision for human flourishing.