Greg Pittman


Born and raised in the South, Greg grew-up in small-town America. After playing baseball since he could walk, Greg’s ball seasons ended when doctors at Duke Children’s Hospital discovered a large brain tumor growing in his head. What seemed a hopeless and potentially “last days” situation turned out to be a landmark for the rest of his life. Although brain tumors and brain surgery leave both physical and emotional scars, Greg came out with a new take on life and an intense sense of urgency.
Greg Pittman received his Bachelor's Degree in Media, Culture, and the Arts from The King's College in New York City. During his time at King’s, Greg founded and inspired numerous campus and city initiatives. He is an entrepreneur and connector. He has founded two non-profit organizations and spearheaded various projects and charitable initiatives. In 2015, Greg was awarded a Fellowship at the Trinity Fellows Academy in Maryland. Greg serves on various executive committees, speaks publicly, and collaborates with entrepreneurs and creatives across the country. He also serves as a consultant to and collaborator with various mastermind groups and cohorts. Most recently, Greg founded the New Canaan Society Atlanta Chapter and is the Founder and CEO of Cause Roast.
Greg is passionate about inspiring and enabling young creatives and social entrepreneurs to live intentionally to create a better world. He is a human catalyst for creativity and entrepreneurship. He has a heart for Africa and loves all things travel, cigars, art, reading, and helping people and organizations craft their story.

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