Clean Water Blend

Cause Roast

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Clean Water Blend

TASTING NOTES: Smooth, Sweet Fruit, Mild Citrus, Chocolate
ORIGIN: Latin America & Central Africa 
PROCESS: Natural & Wet Process
SIZE: 12oz / 340grams


Our Clean Water Blend is our signature blend. We refer to it as our "desert island coffee". It is a solid multipurpose blend great for everything from espresso to auto drip coffee and most everything in-between. A blend of 3 different coffees from South America and Africa. On espresso our Clean Water Blend is sweet and clean with subtle hints of fruit. As a drip it is well balanced and complex. Whether you are new to specialty coffee or have tried some of the most exotic coffee the world has to offer, there is no doubt that will find our Clean Water Blend to be a perfect companion for your everyday cup of coffee no matter which brew method you choose.

Give Four People Clean Water When You Buy This Coffee!