Cause Roast

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TASTING NOTES: Apple, Kiwi, Nutmeg, Walnut
ORIGIN: Parainema Micro Lot, Fredy Sabbillon
PROCESS: Fully Washed Coffee
SIZE: 12oz / 340grams


Honduras is one of the leading exporters of coffee in Central American and is producing some really amazing offerings as well. This year we are thrilled to have a completely new varietal of coffee that was developed in Honduras to combat coffee tree disease. This varietal, known as Parainema, is a hybrid varietal and is resulting in some sustainable and great tasting lots.

This coffee is especially sweet boasting a strong presence of apple and a notable kiwi like acidity. There are also subtly pleasing notes of walnut that help round out the cup overall. A great option for drip, but it is also one of the most impressive shots of espresso we have pulled in a while!

Fredy Sabillon and his brother purchased a small farm and began producing coffee in 2006. After years of hard work, the Sabillon brothers planted their first lots of specialty coffee with the advice of their neighbors. In 2018, they produced their first specialty-grade harvest. Fredy says that the key part of producing coffee is staying on top of the different management tasks and making sure everything is done on time.

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