Juan Alcala, CPO & Coffee Specialist

Juan Alcala graduated from the University of Florida with degrees in English and Journalism. After graduating in 2013, he continued an independent study in medieval and renaissance literature, narrative theory, and theology. Juan is an alum of the Trinity Fellows Academy where he serves as the Alumni Council President.
After training and working as a barista for several years, Juan now manages Pascal's Coffeehouse in Gainesville, Florida. He loves running, cycling, rock climbing, singing, and experimenting with coffee. Juan and his wife Kelly live in Gainesville, Florida.  

Tucker Stevens, COO

Tucker Stevens joined ReCity in 2016 as director of operations after working for non-profits and as an entrepreneur in diverse markets like Austin, Texas and Washington, D.C. At the helm of ReCity’s 12,000-square-foot, multi-purpose space, Tucker handles everything from facility and digital systems management to special events and human resources. From his time working in startups in the consumer products industry, Tucker applies his entrepreneurial passion and vision to helping organizations function strategically and use forward-thinking business models to maximize outcomes.


Tucker was born and raised in North...

Greg Pittman, CEO

Born and raised in the South, Greg grew-up in small-town America. After playing baseball since he could walk, Greg’s ball seasons ended when doctors at Duke Children’s Hospital discovered a large brain tumor growing in his head. What seemed a hopeless and potentially “last days” situation turned out to be a landmark for the rest of his life. Although brain tumors and brain surgery leave both physical and emotional scars, Greg came out with a new take on life and an intense sense of urgency.

Greg Pittman received his Bachelor's Degree in...