Think and Drink Good Coffee

Too often coffee drinking falls into the realm of thoughtless habit, in league with opening your unchanged fridge every time you walk by or unlocking your phone every 5 minutes to check any new social media notifications. We all know the person who refills his thermos at least 5 times a day (he may even say he loves coffee), but if you asked him what he’s tasting in the coffee, or what his favorite kind of coffee is, you may get a shrug of disinterest at best or an “It’s just coffee!” dismissal at worst.

Fortunately, the rising popularity of craft coffee is changing this. Coffee is becoming a serious drink, not like water is a serious drink but like wine is a serious drink, with expert connoisseurs, technical brewing criteria, and a population of consumers who actually care about how their coffee is prepared, at the shop and at home.

Paradoxically, this means people are drinking less coffee, partly because they’re more picky (and don’t want to drink bad coffee) and partly because they’re paying more for each cup (or each bag). We see this as a good development. If we can move away from thinking about coffee as “gas in the tank” and move closer to thinking of coffee as one of the many treasure of the earth, the better things will be for everybody involved, from the farmer all the way to the brewer. 

We celebrate this movement. To us it falls in line with what we like to call “deliberate living.” We think people should live like they mean it, like the details in life actually matter. And while we celebrate all the ways people around us do this and all the ways folks encourage others to live more deliberately, we “live deliberately” with coffee and want to help others do the same. 

We want to help you drink your coffee more thoughtfully, more deliberately. On our blog, you’ll find resources that will help you think about coffee selection — i.e. what’s in season, growing climates, flavor and farmer profiles, issues surrounding trade and export, and so forth — and coffee brewing — i.e. issues surrounding coffee age, degassing, grind, water temperature, brew time, brew equipment, brew ratios, and so forth. 

Of course, coffee is not the only thing in the world to be deliberate about, which is why we partner with charities that we think do good work around the world to support them in that work. With every bag of coffee you order from Cause Roast, you are supporting a network of people who are taking responsibility for the world we live in, one cup of coffee at a time.

Here’s to (thoughtfully) drinking good coffee.