Introducing The Cause Roast Volkswagen Coffee Bus

After hours of seeking advice, watching YouTube videos, sketching out plans, taping out floor-plans on the actual floor, and much much more.... we are beyond excited to introduce our one of a kind Volkswagen Coffee Bus! 

That's right, we retrofitted a 1972 VW Bus (the old hippie van) as a fully equipped and functioning coffee shop on wheels. Why a VW Bus you ask? Why not... We chose the VW Bus because it makes people smile or laugh (odds are even just looking at the photos you're smiling or laughing), it's unique, it is an actual story of restoration... and frankly because it's cool. We do things differently at Cause Roast and we wanted a vehicle that communicated that message in its own way.

The Bus is capable of putting out, with the help of our amazing Manager and baristas, high quality coffee beverages ranging from batch brew coffee to lattes to pour overs. It really is a coffee shop on wheels.

Click here to learn more about Our VW Coffee Bus or to book it for your next event, corporate party, community gathering, etc.