Clean Water Update: Clean Water For Cambodia

Clean Water For Cambodia 

The moment you meet 30-year-old Sin, you can see how much she cares for her family. It’s immediately visible in the way she cradles her 11-month-old daughter. You sense it in the adoring looks she gives her husband. You feel it when they all laugh together.

Sin and her husband waited a decade before having their second child because they feared they couldn’t afford it. Not for lack of income--they both work in rice fields and earn a decent salary--but because the family spends a staggering 30% of their annual income on medicine and weekly visits to the health clinic.

Sin says that someone in her family is sick two or three times each week because of the contaminated water in their community.

Because of you, our friends at charity: water and Clear Cambodia will soon bring BioSand Filters to Sin’s family and many others in their community, so they can turn that contaminated water into clean and safe drinking water right at home!

Without the weekly health-related expenses, Sin and her husband look forward to investing in their children’s education and creating an even stronger future for their family.

That’s the power of clean water. That's the impact of drinking Cause Roast. Thank you for helping improve the lives and futures of families like Sin’s in rural Cambodia and thanks for brewing good with us at Cause Roast!


Greg Pittman & Cause Roast